Mar 12, 2010

Forbes on CT, How Accurate?

Today, Forbes announces the latest list of richest people in the world. Chairul Tanjung had get into big 1,000 richest person in the world, exactly at the 937th rank. In Indonesia itself, Chairul occupies 7th rank, with a net assets worth of U.S.$ 1 billion. A significant improvement for the Rising Star. In December last year, Chairul had ranked 13th of the richest man in Indonesia. The first position of the richest man in Indonesia, is still occupied by Budi Hartono, the owner of Djarum Group.

Mar 11, 2010

CT Business Expansion

If you ask question to Chairul Tanjung, how many companies he owns today? then he would answer: I do not know. Since the acquisition of Bank Mega in 1996, Chairul was very diligent to establish, acquire and take over many companies. In 1998, he founded PT Television Transformation Indonesia (Trans TV) and managed to obtain broadcasting license for it. In 1999, Chairul began to enter the business of stock market by acquiring Indovest Securities and changed its name to PT Mega Capital Indonesia.

Mar 10, 2010

When CT Started His Conglomeration

At first, Chairul Tanjung was a shoe factory ordinary businessman. Until he acquired a small bank at 1996, the Bank Karman, then changed its name to Bank Mega. Chairul named his bank as Bank Mega, because the word 'Mega' means 'Large'. He gave that name in accordance with his vision to make that small banks to be one of the biggest banks in Indonesia.

Mar 9, 2010

CT Among Other Businessmen

In Indonesia, only a few people are capable of starting the business from zero to a huge company with assets of billions of dollars. And people who can do that within a period of only ten or twenty years, so he or she have become billionaires in the age of relatively young, are even fewer. And people who can do that within a period of ten or twenty years without the assistance of a special relationship with certain very important people, perhaps only three or four. And Chairul Tanjung is one of them.

Mar 8, 2010

Figure Behind His Success

As other successful businessman who pioneered their business from zero, Chairul Tanjung has started his business since he was very young, exactly when he started his study at Dental Faculty, University of Indonesia (FKG-UI). At first just like most of other students, young Chairul never thought to look for his own income. He only thought about graduating from the college as soon as possible, then become a dentist, worked and earned a huge, and ultimately improve his family economy. However, an event has made him change his mind.

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